Frequently Asked Questions

Our operating hours are from MONDAY to SUNDAY
Research shows that outsourcing your medical billing services will increase your net income. Some physicians refrain from outsourcing because of apprehensions that it might result in a “loss of control” over their practice. We transparently and effectively address that by providing our customers “live links” to their Practice Database, and we guarantee “data ownership” remains with our customers through contractual agreements.
We support a variety of specialties, including but not limited to, Anesthesia, ASC, Cardiology, DME, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, OB/ GYN, Pathology, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Radiology, and Urology.
Every account has a POC (point of contact) who oversees and coordinates all the activities of your account. For us, customer satisfaction is priority. We have a dedicated and specialized team of medical coders and billers that allow us to meet our customers’ needs. We assign dedicated teams to our customers based on the volume and duration of work.
Physical Security
We ensure
  • Production areas have well protected external windows.
  • Tinted glasses and blinds are used for all the window panels.
  • Each employee is seated ergonomically to ensure adequate privacy.
  • Secure production areas by restricting unauthorized entry using access cards.

Network Connection
  • Physically isolated LAN from the rest of our network infrastructure.
  • Our facility segregates its networks into separate subnets and segments by unit and project.
  • Client’s subnet will be separated from the data servers in a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) through a gateway/firewall.
  • The gateway/firewall will allow only legitimate traffic to flow through it and will be constantly monitored for suspicious activity.
Information Security
Our system has
  • To prevent unauthorized users from accessing our systems and your systems that you give us access to, we use a sophisticated Enterprise Authentication Manager. It enables us to implement multi-factor authentication even for applications that don’t have it built in, automatic update of passwords, access indirection and real password obfuscation, time and location restrictions for access, and access through VPNs.
  • Email clients are not installed on the Coders’ desktops.
  • Printers are not connected to the isolated network.
  • Only restricted access is provided from the LAN to the data servers on the DMZ.
Please have a look at our complete project cycle: How we handle project

We provide our customers with 15 days POC period, which helps them to evaluate our work culture, quality standards, ownership and responsiveness.

Project Installation:

This is where the knowledge transfer happens through training, which helps a smooth transition of work flow from client base to our offices.

Project Management:

Once the knowledge transfer is done, it moves to project management phase where we provide our customer with a point of contact who manages the the client engagement.

Customer Satisfaction:

Your complete trust in us, and not just satisfaction with the work we do, is our goal. Nothing less is acceptable to us. We are therefore fully committed to your success. To earn your trust, we work on continuous improvement of our tools, processes and capabilities; we develop new innovations and offer them as products and solutions to you; we track our performance and make it periodically available for you to review, critique and advise; and last but not the least, we keep up with industry trends and apply best practices and ideas to the way we do business.

Our endeavor for continuous customer satisfaction, keeps us updated with the current and future industry trends and helps us to continuously work with our customers and find new ways to serve our customer in a better way.

Clients can transmit their documents to us through secure VPN (virtual private network) connection, remote desktop, etc. We have the flexibility to work with you to develop a method of charge capture that meets your needs.
Data from your existing software and systems is exported, electronically converted, and made available to our staff for further processing
Yes, we provide ICD and CPT coding services. We have certified coders who are proficient in Multi-Specialty Coding. Our certified coders refer documents before coding ICD-10-CM, LMRP, CPT Assistant and HCPCS Level II and check for the compatibility of diagnoses with procedural codes with the appropriate modifiers.
Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly/ Ad Hoc Reports are generated based on client requirements. Ageing, Collection, Payer Mix, Denial, Adjustment, and other reports are generated (after month-end closing)
Checks and Wire Transfers.
Transition and Implementation –
  • We begin Transition Tasks soon after the Business Process Agreement is signed
  • Our Transition Period is short, and we make it very easy for our Clients to do the knowledge transfer
  • Our Transition Team is very experienced across all aspects of RCM, and have worked with a majority of the Billing Software Systems
  • Usually the Production starts from between 2 – 15 days after the Business Process Agreement is signed. This depends on the kind of process and the volume of work
We understand that this is very essential for your practice to secure PHI (patient health information) and other documents related to patient demographic information. We strictly adhere to the standards set by HIPAA and have following procedures in place:
  • Our staff sign a binding and strong confidentiality agreement that covers all information that we handle on your behalf. We are very strict in dealing with any breach or threatened breaches of confidentiality with respect to your and your patients’ information
  • Privacy procedures of HIPAA regulations are standard part of our employees’ training
  • The staff members are not given access to internet and more over our systems also do not have external storage devices like floppy, CD drives, USB ports, etc.
  • We do not permit printing of your documents or information. Only those staff members who are working on your process, have access to it on their secure workstations
  • Our network is behind firewall and all our systems and e-mail accounts are password protected
  • All data transfer is done through secured SSL 128-bit encryption.
  • All personal electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited on shop floor.
  • We have Six Sigma based quality system (DPU) and claims are audited as per the sample size agreed with the client.
  • Quality profiling is done for all the team members
  • We do 100% audit sampling for all the new team members in the first three months.
  • Based on their accuracy, team members are categorized into various audit groups wherein the sample size ranges from 10% to 100%
  • All errors are categorized and stored in our in-house TQM software to be used for error analysis, root cause analysis, FMEA, process improvement and focused refreshers.
Yes, your data is secure with us. We ensure that it is safe and secure physically and electronically. Some of the measures we employ include:
  • Shop floor movement is recorded. Restricted entry to shop floors (permitted only with access badges)
  • Only data required to discharge their duties is shared with employees
  • Sign Non Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements
    • NDA signed by all employees at the time of joining
    • NDA between Client & HealthTigers
  • Personal stationery, communication devices or electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited on shop floors
  • After our Client approves and accepts the data that we return to them, we erase it from our systems
  • Hard copy print outs are discouraged. Only managers have been granted permission to print in our network. Print outs are shredded after use.
  • Security & compliance audits are conducted every quarter


  • At HealthTigers we bring together expertise, technology, and business processes to provide innovative, high-value business-critical solutions to our healthcare customers. We help our healthcare customers become very effective and efficient, enhance their innovative and competitive edge, and help them in increasing their top-line and bottom-line.